Josef Albers, “Study for Homage to the Square” (c.1950, above) is a profound metaphor for Reverb Partners and defines the company’s deep respect for artistic process in the pursuit of commercial success. To us, this unfinished work validates the fact that planning, testing and analyzing are essential components of every successful venture, concept or artwork. Very few artists, entrepreneurs or investors can expect to remain relevant for as long as the distinguished works on display at this website without the consistent application of a focused planning, testing and execution that Reverb Partners advocates and provides.



Founder & Managing Partner

Steve has overseen $100 million in revenue generation and capital formation as a CEO, Executive Vice President and board member of Advanced Visual Systems (data visualization software) and Muse Technologies (virtual reality software).  

As the founder of Reverb Partners in 2009 (and it's predecessor, Visibility Management) he has been a catalyst, advisor and consultant to hundreds of businesses and played an essential role in the creation of over $40 million in startup and corporate financing.

Steve has also served as an executive in the hospitality, entertainment, film, fashion, technology, sales, marketing, public relations and product licensing industries over a career that spans four decades of public and private company leadership.


Associate Partner

Adam has held the position of General Manager at an industrial services firm where he was responsible for operations, logistics and regulatory compliance.  He is a licensed real estate agent that is developing commercial and mixed-use properties in Southern California. 

Adam is also the founder of Variegated Palate, a Los Angeles startup that develops sustainable solutions for urban farming and food production.  He is skilled in every facet of the restaurant business and has worked for renowned chefs and hospitality innovators.

A graduate of the University of Southern California with a major in Art History and a minor in Entrepreneurship, Adam provides Reverb Partners' clients with practical and creative solutions for business planning, financial reporting and strategic analysis.